Journal Journey to your Mind


All actions, creativity and ideas come from one place: The Mind

Before you can put anything into action it has to be a thought or an idea first. That’s exactly how this book came to be, images flashing through my mind on a train coming back from London in 2016. Two years later that initial idea, that first thought, has become a reality in this latest Journal Journey® workbook with an amazing collaboration of a variety of artists – who are the ones that really made this wonderful idea and concept come alive by expressing their truth.

Take a walk with your Mind through visualisation, journaling and exercises to awaken an energy shift in your life and enhance your human experience. There are many ways to use this book, just like oracle cards you can dip in when you need it, pick an image or a title that resonates with you or you can look at it as a year self-development journal workbook.

It’s time to discover your Truth.