There are many kinds of life and personal coaches out there these days.

So why come to me?

It has taken me a few years to find out what kind of coach I wanted to be. I have come to realise that I have become the kind of coach that I personally felt I needed back in the days when my head was still dramatically all over the place!

I was, and still am, quite head strong and I needed some who was not going to allow me to continue enabling all my old habits, negative thoughts and beliefs.

I have been to some of the darkest of places within my mind and I have managed to navigate my way through the negativity, through the drama, through the victimisation, through the blame and through the resentment. It turned out to be my good fortune to be head strong as it has taken commitment and dedication to get my mind, thoughts and feelings in a much healthier place.

If you are ready to be fully committed to yourself to make the changes you wish to see but need a loving, caring but firm hand to guide you along your journey then I may be the right Coach for you.

With support and guidance I can help you to learn the tools that are required to maintaining your Authentic smile.

The aim with Journal Coaching is to enable you to have a safe and guided space of self exploration and discovery.

Do you really believe that you deserve a wonderful life?

Have you been struggling in some areas of your life?

  • Find the beliefs that are limiting you
  • Use techniques for transforming those beliefs
  • Learn to listen to the wisdom within
  • Move forward and not stay stuck in the past
  • Welcome more good into your life

Journal Coaching could be the answer…

With Journal Coaching you do not need to let distance be a barrier. We can connect via a video call. This is a wonderful combination of Life Coaching and Journal work. If you are someone who struggles to get out of the house to meditation and support groups for whatever reason then these private and unique sessions may just be for you.

Journal Coaching is focused on listening within, problem solving and solutions to help you create the life you desire. We are all our own experts, we just need to learn to listen and honour ourselves enough to give time and a safe space to feel free to listen to your inner wisdom without all the “noise” from life.

The First Session

The first Journal Coaching session with me would include a general chat about what issues are bothering you with life, then a grounding Journal Journey Vision Quest meditation. A Journal Journey Vision Quest is a unique active meditation that can be just as effective face to face as via a video call. We would then discuss which of the Journal Journey workbooks would be most suited to meet your needs and goals.

Chakra Card Coaching

Alternatively, if you would like a one-off session to just help you gain some clarity over what is happening in your life then why not try a Chakra Card Coaching session. Using meditation, journaling and additional self care techniques allow the Chakra Cards to guide you towards your inner wisdom for clarity and focus.

Love and light…

Contact me via email sue@authenticsmile.com or find me on facebook

Folkestone, Kent, UK Based

Please contact me if you are ready to take control of your own life and learn to love yourself more today than you did yesterday.

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