My motivation for writing this came with the sad news of hearing that Dr. Wayne Dyer has passed on.  It was only the other day I came across an advert for Wayne speaking in London in October, all sold out obviously.

In loving memory of Wayne Dyer I watched the film The Shift.  A beautiful simple film that it doesn’t matter how many times I have watched it, I always get  a new message from it.  I have added a link if any of you are interested.

Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer were 2 of the first people I became aware of in my twenties that open a door to a whole new world of thinking and being.  I didn’t necessarily understand it all back then but they have both been there for me along my journey amongst many others.

The introduction of a more spiritual way of thinking and living changed the direction of my life, and seriously helped me out at times of darkness.  Like learning a bike or to drive a car, you don’t know how to do it perfectly straight away but with time and practice you can learn.  I feel this way with the journey of understanding and getting to really know myself.  Louise and Wayne played a part in that.

Of course there are the obvious people in my life who continue to inspire me, my parents whose unconditional love they have for me is truly amazing.  It is this unconditional love and support that they have shown me, that inspires me to give unconditional love to those in my life and extending it to a stranger on the street.

My eyes and heart slowly began to open in a different way the more I understood and was ready for.  A favourte line I like to use by Karen Drucker is ” I will only go as fast, as the slowest part of me feels safe to go”.  It is a beautiful song check it out.

There are teachers all around us.  From your parents to a stranger on the street.

There is inspiration all around us too.  From your teachers to a stranger on you tube.

So this got me thinking who has inspired YOU along YOUR journey?

I would love to hear your stories of who and how they inspired you and why?

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