The Authentic Soul retreat will run in April 2021 date to be announced

Authentic Smile Personal Development retreats are a wonderful combination of like-minded souls discovering and exploring their inner selves along with a digital detox.

Join me on a journey of self-discovery and delve deeper into your authentic mind, body and soul to connect with your Authentic Smile.

Who will benefit from the retreats?

  • Those who need to take some time out and restock
  • Those who need to reflect on their life journey so far
  • Those who need to replenish their mind, body and soul
  • Those who need to gain a deeper sense of acceptance of the beautiful soul they are
  • Those who feel that they have lost their inner sparkle
  • Those who feel overwhelmed with life at the moment
  • Those who feel disconnected from themselves and life in general
  • Those who feel like they still hold onto too many grudges
  • Those who do not know what it is like to trust oneself

How you will benefit from the retreat

  • Gain clarity in your life and your mind
  • Strengthen your connection and understanding with the Law of Attraction
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people
  • Take time out for yourself and replenish your mind, body and soul
  • Switch off from the digital world
  • Learn new self-care tools
  • Recognise old thought patterns
  • Let go of old beliefs that no longer serve your highest good
  • Reconnect and befriend your inner child
  • Allow yourself to start releasing old hurts and pains
  • Be willing to invite in forgiveness to your heart
  • Know who you are to trust who you are
  • Become more grounded with your faith system
  • Learn the art of surrender


Dear beautiful soul – yes that’s you!

From the moment we are born we are influenced by everything and everyone around us as we grow and evolve from being a tiny defenceless human to a fully grown adult.  Quite often our thoughts and choices in life become the outcome of that environment.  Our mind is powerful and yet it is born with free will.

One of the important areas to become more mindful of on the journey of self-healing are your thoughts and beliefs about your life expereinces.  So many of our thoughts and beliefs are on autopilot.  My retreats will allow you to help stop and examine your beliefs and unlock the key that blocks you from moving forward in life.  We will do this by exploring each day different areas of beliefs and what actually does trigger us.  By shifting perspective on your thoughts and feelings over the week, your AUTHENTIC MIND will become clearer.  My hope is that by the end of this deep transformational week you will have the tools and belief to help you lead a more Authentic Life and claim your Authentic Smile.

The universe is constantly listening to your truth through the communication of emotions.  Release the blocks that stand in the way of you achieving your dreams.

I myself have been on a conscious journey of life since my early 20’s, when health issues and unforeseen life experiences led me to start to realise that there could be another way of life, so I will facilitate the retreats drawing on my own life experiences and trainings.

From my retreats you will take home a deeper sense of your authentic self and feel recharged and ready to face the world a new.

To hear a little bit more about the retreat watch this short video CLICK HERE


Dear beautiful soul – yes that’s you!

Whether you have already been on the Authentic Mind Retreat or not, Authentic Soul takes you on a deeper journey within.  We need to look after ourselves as a whole: Mind, Body and Soul.  This is the second Authentic Smile retreat on that Journey.

From the moment we are born we are learning to play so many different roles that over the years we can become to feel defragmented and disconnected and, in the process, sometimes lose sight of who we really are.  For you to be able to hear your Authentic Soul talking to you with clarity and knowing, the inner conflict needs to be released.

For our soul to feel in unison with this human world, our human self needs to be at one with all that has been, is and will be.  It is therefore vital for you to reconnect you with yourself and your inner child bringing about a strong sense of unity within.

During this truly transformational week you will be given the opportunity to befriend your inner child, who is by your side everyday.  Start to release some of the shadows from your past and move into forgiveness, with trust and faith.

The Universe is constantly listening to you and the Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working its energy in no other way than it knows.  To listen to you impersonally and deliver you truth.  Allow this week to help you align even more to your Authentic Soul and Smile.

I myself have been on a conscious journey of life since my early 20’s when my world started to crumble around me.  Health issues, Nervous breakdown and a total loss of trust in life itself.  All was leading me to see that there was another way of living and believing.  The retreats I will facilitate drawing on my own experiences and studying with Heal Your Life and Science of Mind and many other teachers over the years.

Take home with you after a week at an Authentic Smile retreat a deeper sense of your authentic truth and feel recharged to face the reality of life a new.

What people say about Sue 

“I met Sue back in 2013 at an event with Doreen Virtue, upon meeting Sue I warmed to her straight away, I instantly felt Sue’s warm connection which was beautiful.

Sometime had passed when I was notified of a workshop/event that Sue had put together, in which I decide to attend. The day of the workshop my life began to turn around, this was working with the Inner child, something in which I had not dealt with before then, it made me realise that I had never loved my inner child, this was something I never thought to do. I cried deep tears through this, but Sue was there supporting me all the way through. I found Sue to be very gentle as a teacher, also loving and kind also a great friend to have. I would recommend anyone I know or otherwise to try one of Sue’s workshops or events, Sue is an amazing woman and I totally believe and trust in her.” Alison Burridge

“Sue is a great workshop leader.  She is very knowledgeablesupportive and makes everyone feel special and included.  She is a real role model for living life in a fun, joyful and loving way.  Thoroughly recommend her courses and books.” – Mark Thomson

About the venue

Elmley Nature Reserve is a 3200-acre estate based on an island in the Thames, situated away from the bustle of North Kent, just an hour from London.

Elmley is an independent nature reserve and working family farm where sensitive farming and conservation go hand in hand. Elmley is off grid so enjoy the digital detox, the expanse of wilderness as it is the perfect environment for this secluded retreat.

Elmley Cottage is a relaxed and calming open plan space which has been designed with gentle gatherings in mind.  The central gas fire provides a warm heart to the space, whilst the windows to the marsh on three sides allow the views and call of birds to take centre stage.  Enjoy sweeping views from the huge windows for wildlife and cloud watching.  Inspiring and thoughtful accommodation, wholesome food and a warm welcome.

Read more about the history of Elmley Nature Reserve.