It is.

It is conscious.

It is conscious & alive.

It is curious.

I am.

I am conscious.

I am conscious & alive.

I am curious.

We are!

We come from a thought, a thought that has grown over “time”.

Now it is MY time to shine.

I come from a thought, a curiosity you might say,

But it is with this life that I have had to pay.

Here I AM, in this time and place,

Trying to make out, what is this space?

Absorbing & gaining knowledge over the years,

But also shedding so many tears.

Only to still be in this time & place,

Still trying to figure out, what is this space?

Running so fast, that I could not see,

all that there is, if I would just be.

Instead of always avoiding, I no longer flee,

I look back on my past for me to see.

Connecting with my heart is the only way to be,

And forgiveness is the ultimate golden key.

Until the day when I feel and see,

how connected we all were, are and will be.

I don’t know exactly what you are,

But I know in my heart that you are.

I know that you listen to me,

When I am still and able to just be.

You have helped me along my way,

when I thought I had to pay.

You’ve picked me up when I’ve been down,

Even though I thought I was gonna drown!

You’ve shown me the light all along my way,

That in my heart I know all I need do is pray.

But this I have trouble with sometimes,

So please do bare that in mind.

I am going as fast as I can go,

But I promise it won’t be too slow.

My faith in you or us should I say,

Grows stronger and stronger each and every day.

I know you are there by my side,

Till my heart is filled with pride.

So why do I often push you aside?

Leaving myself feeling oh so fried!

Connection is the important key,

Oh why won’t I just let myself be!

Complete acceptance is for me,

But only when I am fully open to see.

Feel from the heart and not with your head,

And get your lazy arse out of bed.

Don’t be afraid to go out into the world,

And don’t let affect you all that has swirled.

Let all whirl around you,

while you breakthrough.

Not letting anyone drag you under,

And not letting anyone steal your thunder.

Oh God why do I question thee?

When all I need do is just be.

I have been accused of many a thing over the years,

I have been judged when all I’m doing is showing MY fears.

My hand must go up for some of the accused “crimes”,

Cos I really do wonder just how many times,

We’ve all been guilty of the same “crimes”.

But recognising all that I have done,

When I thought I was just having some fun,

Is the key to no longer feeling I have to run!

I thought it was just my thoughts that were limiting me,

The things that people really couldn’t see,

Oh how wrong can one person be.

Important as thoughts are to just be,

It’s the emotions that also hold the key.

Thoughts and emotions are the dots to connect,

If I want the universe to affect,

All that I am trying to project.

My beliefs grow stronger every day,

All I need do is pray.

Staying focused on what is a true expression of me,

Is the answer to setting myself free.

Trusting the process consciously,

Is my one and only prophecy.

That when life flows through me perfectly,

I can be all that I dreamed of whole heartedly.

 This poem I wanted to share with you all.  It is my soul on paper.  I have been studying and practising with Science of Mind, and this was an expression of my journey so far that came pouring out of me.  For someone who doesn’t believe they can write, I am quite proud of it.

Love & happiness as always