The Powerful Freedom of CHOICE

Do you keep making the same choices expecting different outcomes?

Are you someone who finds yourself ‘stuck’ in situations?

Unhappy in your job but just can’t find the courage to leave?

Are you feeling stifled in your relationship but don’t know how to break free?

Do you have hopes and dreams but find it impossible to achieve them?

This one-day workshop can help you…


Through five ‘building blocks’ we will introduce you to tools and ideas that will support you to take control of your life and help you understand that you have a choice in almost everything you experience. At the end of the day you will have explored:

  • The recognition that almost everything is a choice.
  • The influence of language.
  • The Ho’oponopono – a Polynesian belief system.
  • The power of forgiveness.
  • Choices Action Board.

Take a journey within and CHOOSE to give yourself some Self-care and Self-love. Join us, Sue Allsworth of Authentic Smile and Sheree Bell of The Folkestone Wellbeing Centre, for a day of personal growth and learning.


There will be light refreshments available.

Lunch is not included.  Either bring along your own or pop out at lunchtime to a local shop.


Sue Allsworth

Sue Allsworth believes that we are solely responsible for our choices in life and the consequences of those choices.  We make so many choices on autopilot.  From daily actions like brushing our teeth or not, to how we choose to react to situations.  Mindfully becoming aware of your choices is how you can learn to empower yourself for better authentic life experience.  Sue has been a Holistic health and wellbeing practitioner for over 20 years.  She is the Founder of Authentic Smile Business, creator and author of the Journal Journey Interactive workbook series.

Sue has run an event at the Towers Theatre for a couple of years now and each year she collaborates with different local expert Facilitators and therapists to bring you a fresh new workshop.

Sheree Bell

Sheree Bell is a firm believer that we have a choice in how we experience our lives and that we can take control of our outcomes.  She has been running workshops and training courses that empower people and build their confidence for over 40 years.  She is the owner Folkestone Wellbeing Centre and has a background in Social Work, Psychology and Health.  Drawing on previous work, Sheree will be introducing participants to techniques that will enable them to make powerful choices and sustainable decisions.  She will equip them with skills to move forward in life and help them to develop a belief system that is truly supportive.



23 Nov 2019


10:00 am - 5:00 pm




The Tower Theatre
North Road Folkestone Kent, CT20 3HL

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