1 – Make a commitment to yourself to help yourself and not wait for others to help you.

2 – Ask for help and don’t try to do it all on your own.

3 – Seek out and try new and different ways of doing things.  The old ways haven’t been working so far!!!!

4 – Affirm what it is you want and be clear on what it is you want.

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5 – Find your own unique way of changing.

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6 – If in doubt contact me via email or facebook and lets see how I may be of service to you.

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7 – At the end of the end when you look back over your progess and change you can then …..


Well another year bites the dust!!!!  New Year used to be my WORST nightmare.  I could get into the Christmas spirit as it was always a great way to avoid my own problems.  Buying presents, trying to get round to see everyone, making sure that everyone else was okay and not on their own.  But New Year was the killer for me.  Another year passed by another year full of the same old “crap”!  I didn’t realise it back then how those exact thoughts we setting the stage for the year to come.  And as affirmed for… another crappy year came and went.


Last year I decided to try something different for the New Year.  I am not a drinker anymore so I have a limit on patience with drunk people around me.  Solution… let them carry on have their fun and I find my version of fun!  And that I did.


Things have changed for me over the last 2 years dramatically.  I have a better understanding of how we can and do have the power to change our thoughts and beliefs.  So with this in mind I stated that I wanted to do something that would set me up for the next year on the right grounded and focused footing.

The perfect thing came my way.  A friend was advertising a Labyrinth walk for New Years Day.  It was just over an hour drive but that was perfect.  So off I went on my New Years Day mini adventure.  It was a perfect day with the lovely Laura and her partner Jason Singing and guiding me through a journey of letting go of the old and ready to embrace 2015 and all of its possibilities.

And embrace 2015 I did, with more joy, excitement and wonder than I have ever done.

So the end of 2015 is upon us and did the way I started the year have any effect on my year?   YES, YES, YES!!!!

All my affirmations for this year came true.  Maybe not in the exact shape or form I had envisioned but the Universe did deliver.  It has been one of the most mentally positive years of my life that I can remember.  I have learnt how to recognise and chase old negative thought patterns away much quicker than before.  Don’t get me wrong I am by no means perfect and I did have one moment in particular that sent me spiralling down a dark rabbit hole of negativity.


1 – This time I caught myself.  I wasn’t waiting for someone else to catch me!

2 – I could recognise earlier than before the negative patterns creeping back in.

3 – I could CHOOSE to stop myself spiralling further down.

4 – I could ask for help as others would ask me for help and support.

5 – I could commit to myself to deal with the issues at hand.

6 – I could TRUST that I had the “tools” to be able to deal with any issue.

7 – I could pull myself back out of that “dark rabbit hole” much quicker.



This moment of madness that I had at this time also enabled me to have my AHA moment too.  Out of the negative something positive blossoms.

Although I did spiral temporarily back into negative thoughts, once out on the other side, I realised one MAJOR thing for me.

It was the first time in a very very, long time that I can consciously remember going through a bad patch and my thoughts NOT automatically going back onto the old grooves of not wanting to be here anymore or questioning what’s the point of it all.

These thoughts have dwindled over the years but the auto button for these thoughts were still hanging around until NOW! J


Last year I changed an old way of doing things.  This year I want that change to become a habit.  The Universe has once again manifested a wonderful Labyrinth walk with Laura and Jason again.  This year I do have an awesome friend to come and enjoy the experience with me and then we decided to make a mini weekend of healing, grounding, letting go of the old so that there is new for the new to come in.

I embrace life and all it has to offer.  What a Wonderful exciting year 2016 is going to be!


If anyone is interested in seeing what events Laura & Jason have for 2016 then click HERE!!!