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The Workout

Chakra Dancing is a workout for the mind, body and soul. We all vibrate at many different frequencies which can be linked to specific areas of the body.

Grounding the energy and releasing stress and emotion, Chakra Dancing balances the seven energy centres situated along the spine. Stimulating the natural flow of energy, or chi, through the Chakras, the dance leads to physical and mental well-being, a workout for everyone from the inside out.

The Music

This is free form, spontaneous dance.  The music is powerful, and reflects each chakra, from tribal drums, to funky jazz, dance contemporary, classical, and Tibetan bowls.

The Meditation

Creative Meditation is deeply relaxing and helps release tension and stress in the body.  A meditative state encourages healing, well-being and encourages one’s own ability to solve problems.  We are multidimensional beings and meditation helps us to gain clarity of thought.