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Your beliefs become your reality.

Whilst reading my daily section of the Science of Mind Book by Ernest Holmes I came across a quote that really resonated with me at this moment in time. “And it is a law that the man who sees what he wants to see, regardless of what appears, will someday experience in the outer what […]

The Womb

This month I would like to share with you a poem that came from my heart. It follows my life from my 20’s when to be honest “shit hit the fan”! From a severe hormonal imbalance, dealing with previous abuse from a GP and generally not being in a healthy state of mind. The Womb […]


It is. It is conscious. It is conscious & alive. It is curious. I am. I am conscious. I am conscious & alive. I am curious. We are! We come from a thought, a thought that has grown over “time”. Now it is MY time to shine. I come from a thought, a curiosity you […]

Who has inspired YOU!

My motivation for writing this came with the sad news of hearing that Dr. Wayne Dyer has passed on.  It was only the other day I came across an advert for Wayne speaking in London in October, all sold out obviously. In loving memory of Wayne Dyer I watched the film The Shift.  A beautiful […]

Hello world! Trusting the creative process

Welcome to Authentic Smile! This website has been a while in the process, a creative process that I am not normally used to.  I like structure and routine and the process of setting up my new website and business has been anything but structured and routine.  I have found myself in the creative flow in […]