I met Sue in 2017 when we both attended a Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation workshop. I have gotten to know Sue better when I decided to become a Journey Journal facilitator. In our meetings I realised that Sue is very knowledgeable in her field of work. She brings the best out of you with humour, patience and enthusiasm. Sue’s Journey Journal books are written very well, they make you think, use your creativity and make you smile.
There have been times I’ve felt very exposed and challenged in completing sections of my Journal Journey which in addition to general pressures of everyday life mean I’ve postponed F2Fs with Sue. Coming to terms with the fact I needed to build a relationship with my inner child because I’d unknowingly neglected her, was a shock. Realising my inner child is constantly with me and is not just a part of me that got discarded when I hit the age of consent has proved emotionally challenging, but giving myself time, trying to be patient with myself and knowing I need to love myself when life seems hardest is very slowly helping me through. I thought I’d learned one of the hardest of life’s lessons (well at middle age you tend to think you’ve got a good idea of what life’s about) but Journal Journey is a reminder I need to be kind to myself as much as anyone else.

So, the beauty of Journal Journey is it’s flexible and will fit into anybody’s schedules – you don’t need to feel embarrassed because sometimes you need to postpone. Journal Journey is fun as well as therapeutic. As a course I’d highly recommend Journal Journey but it’s not the easy option one might think a creative course would be. At 57 I thought I knew about journaling but having started Sue’s course I soon realised intermittent written ramblings in a little black book in my bedside drawer weren’t all it’s about. Journal Journey is proving to be a worthy investment in myself because it’s reminding me of the importance of self-care … and I’m healing from the inside out xx

Out of the many personal development tools, I have found journaling to be one of the most beneficial. There are many reasons for keeping a journal and there are many different types of journal to keep. For me journaling gives me a chance to be reflective; if I have issues, I can put pen to paper and write.

You start where you are at, with a journal you don’t have to give a back story to contextualise what you want to say, you don’t have to self-edit, and you don’t have to worry about being judged. You can just release whatever is going on in your head right out on the page. You have the opportunity to have a mindful flow just you and your journal. Initially this may be a purge of whatever highly charged emotional state you may be in, for example anger, but this initial stage really does help release whatever you are feeling and quite often that emotional clear-out can be incredibly cathartic.

After expelled you can read back and reflect, you can ask yourself questions that may uncover hidden reasons for challenging emotions, you might see were negative beliefs rising, issues that you may want to contest or re-frame. Stream of consciousness writing often reveals core beliefs that we’ve been carrying around, never thinking to ask, ‘Why do I believe this?’ Because were not editing ourselves as we so often do when we speak because we worry about how our words will be interpreted. The journal never judges. If we’ve purged some negative feelings when we’ve journaled there is also the opportunity to either keep our words and look back over journals over time or if we are done there is something very satisfying in taking what we no longer need and having a bonfire!

Finally, it doesn’t have to be all deep-seated emotional work. Record it all, the good the bad and the ugly. A daily journaling practice is a place where you can dream big dreams and make plans for the future, record all the juicy gratitude moments (be appreciative and the Universe will serve you more of the same) and in my professional journal every session I deliver I ask What Went Well and Even Better If? All these ways journaling can help you to explore what is going on in your thoughts and life.

Jenny LuddingtonAll Heart Led

I met Sue back in 2013 at an event with Doreen Virtue, upon meeting Sue I warmed to her straight away, I instantly felt Sue’s warm connection which was beautiful.

Sometime had passed when I was notified of a workshop/event that Sue had put together, in which I decided to attend. The day of the workshop my life began to turn around, this was working with the Inner child, something in which I had not dealt with before then, it made me realise that I had never loved my inner child, this was something I never thought to do. I cried deep tears through this, but Sue was there supporting me all the way through.

I found Sue to be very gentle as a teacher, also loving and kind also a great friend to have. I would recommend anyone I know or otherwise to try one of Sue’s workshops or events, Sue is an amazing woman and I totally believe and trust in her. xx

Alison Burridge

I first met Sue when I attended the Heal Your Life teacher training back in 2014. Our journey to reconnecting happened early 2018 and the saying nothing in this world is a coincidence. I am thankful for these re-connections. A mutual friend was staying with me in Ireland for a few days and he happened to say about the training he was having with Sue and how amazing Journal Journey was. So, I no sooner phoned Sue to ask what this was all about and to be honest I have not looked back. I am now a practitioner delivering this wonderful work.

My eye-opening moment for me was the Inner Child work. I had no problem connecting with the mini me. But as I grew up in Belfast Northern Ireland during the troubles people kept telling me I must have had a troubled up bringing or to take my rose-tinted glasses off. I can honestly say I didn’t, I was lucky enough to have amazing parents and an awesome extended family. So yes, I was blessed. I discussed at length with Sue and discovered how blessed I was.

But as I developed in my training and working with people on their Inner Child, I found how profound this work is. Journal Journey work helped me hold a save place for others to heal and bring their Inner Child out to play. Inner Child work brings people back to a time before the world got hold of them. It allows you to say I’m sorry, I am enough, and I deserve to have a happy and fulfilling life.

As an adult now I will help and support you. Together we have this. By doing the work within the Inner Child Journal Journeying it allows both the younger you and the adult to reconnect.

As a Journal Journey practitioner, I have watched people flourish and I am honoured that they have allowed me to support them on this journey of self-discovery.

Brenda TamneJournal Journey Coach & Mentor, Ireland

Sue opened a safe place for us to be honest and release our inner insecurities. She facilitated a beautiful session which gave us a platform to share, learn and grow. Sue is a kind soul who does what she can to enable others to live their lives freely.

Thank you dear friend.

Sue is a great workshop leader. She is very knowledgeable, supportive and makes everyone feel special and included. She is a real role model for living life in a fun, joyful and loving way. Thoroughly recommend her courses and books.
Mark Thomson