My unique journey

My passion and vocation in life is to serve others in the best way possible, by combining all the tools and techniques I have learnt and studied over the years to help you along your journey.

There are many ways in which I can empower you to explore within, learn new techniques and support you on your journey to connecting with and maintaining your Authentic Smile.

I became a complementary health therapist in my mid-twenties and decided to help everyone else, not knowing or realising that I was also in need of help. I really enjoyed working with my clients in my private practice, but by my late twenties I realised that something really was not right with my own health, and I was exhausted from pretending that everything was okay, when I knew deep inside that everything was not okay. I had an undiagnosed hormonal imbalance (PMDD) which left me very depressed, angry and confused.

To cut a long story short I eventually took charge in dealing with my own health and stopped trying to help everyone else.  I realised that I was the one in need of help this time. This took a few more years than I had thought, but that’s the healing process for you. I was only able to heal as fast as the slowest part of me was ready.

I have been learning, studying and practicing many techniques and methods over the years to help me find and maintain my own Authentic Smile.

What I have learnt along my journey are these three key points:

  • Everyone’s journey is unique
  • There is no right or wrong
  • There is only your truth

My Philosophy


These are the 3 words that I have spent many years getting to know, understand and embody.  For me they are the very core of my faith and philosophy of life and by which I attempt to live by.

  • You need to know WHAT it is YOU have FAITH in.
  • You need to HAVE TRUST in your FAITH.
  • You need to HAVE FAITH and SURRENDER to it.

I have explored many different philosophies, religions and spiritual practices over the last 20 years.

Coming from a place of no faith in anything in my early 20’s to now believing that there is more to the energy of the Universe that we understand and know about in this present moment of time.

I believe that there are 3 areas to better self-care, self-respect and self-love:-

The mind – your thoughts and feelings

The body – the vehicle that carries you

The spirit – your connection to your faith.

All 3 areas are energetically connected and living in alignment with your truth is so important if you wish to experience a more peaceful and contented flow of life within you and become:

  • more at peace with all your life experiences
  • more mindful and observant about your thoughts and emotions
  • an active participant in your life and life choices
  • more aligned with the truth of who you are and not what you think others think you should be
  • more accepting of yourself and others

Find out what YOUR philosophy of life is and align yourself with your Authentic Smile

My Approach

Everyone’s story and experience is unique and no-one else will ever have experienced life the same as you.

I work very much on an individual basis.  What works for one does not work for all.  I do not have a set “system” to take you through.

What I do is assess each individuals needs and taylor a program that suits you and your lifestyles.   By combining all the tools and techniques I have learnt and studied over the years, together we will find the right tools that work for you to help you maintain your Authentic Smile.

Through Coach & mentor sessions and the use of the Journal Journey Workbooks the techniques you will learn:

  • Heart Meditations
  • Focus Prayers
  • Power Truths
  • Awakening Actions
  • Vision Quest
  • Visualisation
  • Journaling
  • Power of the mind
  • Law of Attraction
  • Listen within
  • Trust your intuition

All these techniques will help you to understand and embrace more:

  • Abundance
  • Acceptance
  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Gratitude
  • Self-Love
  • Self-Respect

There is no single approach or method that is right for everyone, only what is right for you. We are all individuals and our journeys are unique.

Work with me to maintain your Authentic Smile with a Journal Journey Coaching Session


  • Journal Journey Coach and Mentor
  • Journal Journey Coach & Mentor Teacher Trainer
  • Chakra Card Coach
  • Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Life Coach
  • Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation Therapist
  • Reflexology
  • Aromatherapy
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Reiki level 2

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