Therapy Room

Create a holistic “first aid kit”.


You will discover the mindset that has limited your success in business, financial abundance, intimate relationships, spiritual growth, and much more.

Learn to reprogram your subconscious mind and eliminate negative self-esteem beliefs, such as. . .

  • Relationships don’t work
  • Life is difficult
  • I don’t matter
  • I’ll never have what I really want
  • I’m not good enough

I can tailor design a workshop just for you and your friends.

Workshops can be from 2 hours to 2 days, or sessions over a period of weeks.

Local Weekly Support Groups

Mondays – Meditation & Self-Development Circle

Come along and join in!  Whether you are already on your journey of self-discovery or new to this way of thinking and believing.

Learning and developing meditation deepens your personal practice.  The opportunity to safely share what you’ve discovered through meditation, with others, explore issues, gain insight from other people’s perspective and experiences, to take responsibility for growth work, raises this experience to a truly unique holistic approach to personal development.

Please always bring a journal as most weeks there will be some journaling work.

All sessions are £5 per session.                     All refreshments included.

Every week –  7:00pm to 9pm :         Find me on Facebook     Please call 07528156503 to reserve your space NOW!

 Wednesday – Journal Journey through Creativity support group


Come along and get creative whilst sharing in a safe space.  Use your Journal Journey through Creativity to help you explore within.

This book is for people of all creative levels to help gain insight into how you are feeling, acknowledging and honouring those emotions and letting go with love and compassion.

Explore a variety of creative methods of your choosing, from journaling, painting, collaging, colouring and many more.  You are only limited by your own creativity which is limitless!  Anyway you choose to express yourself will be honouring your creative self-expression, emotions and feelings. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE PICASSO!

There is only one way that this “book” will truly work.  You have to participate!

Are you ready to take a positive step forward in your life and start to let go of old pain and hurts?

Remember this is your life, your journey and your willingness to start to make changes.  It is your desire to explore, change, release, and forgive yourself that will lead you to a healthier, happier and more content life.

All sessions are £7 or £10 for 2 sessions.                     All refreshments included.

Every Wednesday –  12.30pm – 2.30pm