Authentic Mind Wellbeing Retreat

Immerse yourself with nature and journey of self-discovery and delve deeper into your authentic mind, body and soul to connect with your Authentic Smile.

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Explore your authentic mind and gain clarity in your life and of your authentic truth.  What we choose to think and believe has everything to do with how we live life.  The fears, doubt and negativity that we hold onto can quietly undermine our sense of well-being.

Reconnect with what truly matters to you in this life-changing AUTHENTIC MIND week retreat.  It is a journey through which you discover and extraordinary personal freedom in becoming more mindful of your thoughts and how they affect your life experiences. 

In a way that can seem quite magical, you will find yourself letting go of old anxieties and negative beliefs, re-emerging into the here-and-now flow of your Authentic Life with more confidence of claiming your authentic truth.

You will be taken on a personal development journey for a week surrounded by the beautiful marshland landscape of Sheerness in Kent, under wide blue skies.

Whether you are new to these ideas or well on your journey, delve deeper into what makes you who you are.

Delve deeper into the garden that is your Mind and gain new insights and clarity within.


Friday 24th April

Welcome session and ceremony.

Saturday 25th April

Realising the Power of your Mind & connecting with the Law of Attraction

Sunday 26th April

Realising your triggers and the art of forgiving

Monday 27th April

The Principles of Prosperity and Abundance

Tuesday 28th April

Believing you deserve goodness

Wednesday 29th April

Creating your authentic life

Thursday 30th April

Ceremony day

Friday 1st May

Closing Ceremony


Please note that each full day starts with a meditation at 8am

Breakfast                             9am – 10.30am

Morning Session               10.30am – 1pm

Lunch                                    1pm – 3pm

Afternoon Session           3pm – 6pm

Dinner                                  6pm – 7.30pm

Evening Session 7.30pm 9.30pm

Escape to Elmley to relax, rejuvenate and explore within.




24 Apr 2020 - 30 Apr 2020


All of the day
Elmley Nature Reserve


Elmley Nature Reserve
Sheerness ME12 3RN

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