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Do you enjoy using your creativity for expressing and honouring your emotions and feelings?

Do you need a new tool in your Self-Care tool box?

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My own health issues with PMDD and depression throughout my 20’s lead me onto a journey of self discovery and exploration that continues till this day.

I love to combine all the tools I have learnt and studied over the years to help you along your journey. Whether this means sharing guidance and support through my books, meditations, workshops and life coaching sessions or combining reflexology with chakra balancing or meditation with intuitive card reading. There is no single approach or method that is right for everyone, only what is right for you.

We are all individuals and our journeys are unique.

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Folkestone, Kent based.

The workshop, 12 ways to enhance your life, helped me to realise that “me” work is an ongoing, lifetime commitment, not just a one off session.  It can be challenging but the emotional rewards are enormous.

Rose BridgewaterWeston-Super-Mare

Sue is a great workshop leader.  She is very knowledgeable, supportive and makes everyone feel special and included.  She is a real role model for living life in a fun, joyful and loving way.  Thoroughly recommend her courses.

Mark ThomsonCatford, London

I didn’t know what to expect, but the experience was empowering and insightful, while also being light and fun.  Loved it.  I loved meeting my inner child, i enjoyed the meditations and the use of music.

Chelsea WennerCanadian

I found Sue to be an excellent instructor.  She is very genuine, compassionate and caring.  She created a safe and comfortable environment with which to learn and grow.  Thank you.

Sharon WennerSomerset

Amazing, just attended the first meditation session by Sue at Authentic Smile. Met some lovely people, the space that’s been created is beautifully serene and the meditation for World Peace Day was both moving and thought provoking.

Jenny LuddgintonFolkestone

Thank you for your Inner child workshop.  Really deep.  Never realised how not in touch with myself I was.  Very well organised and enjoyed the meditation.


Sue, your workshop was simply amazing.  So powerful and just the right combination of fun and deep stuff.  You were really mindful of everyone’s feelings and lifted us all up at the end.

I loved the meditation and I went really deep – you have just the right pace and tone in your voice.  Thank you.

Adele AppletonManchester

Your open heart, your loving personality combined with the experience you have is just radiating throughout the workshop which you lead in the most comforting of ways.

Miklos WenczlHungry


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